Chaplains Engage

Origin of Chaplains Engage

Chaplains Engage emerged from a Spring 2019 advanced chaplaincy course Stacy developed and taught for Virginia Theological Seminary. One of the course’s foundational goals was to explore John Caperon’s proposition that in our 21st Century context- chaplaincy provides a helpful ministry model, even within a parish setting. Stacy began to wonder how years as a chaplain influenced her approach to parish ministry. She also began asking what vital lessons chaplains could teach parochial clergy.

Chaplains Engage: Evangelism is a podcast and video-based project from The Rev. Sam Sheridan and The Rev. Stacy Williams Duncan. In this first installment, Sam and Stacy interview chaplains in various contexts to discover what they can to teach the church about evangelism. Covering different topics, Sam & Stacy as chaplains to speak to and expand on those topics in a way the church can use.

These podcasts and videos explore chaplaincy’s strengths. In various locations and contexts, chaplains engage people where they are without an agenda – caring for them and honoring their truth regardless of their affiliations or beliefs to help them move in the direction they want to go. Chaplains Engage encourages others to tell their own stories as Christians, while not assuming everyone has the same cultural and spiritual perspective that we do.